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A woman woke up on Monday 21st July and went to her stable to find that somebody had terrorised her four year old horse and vandalised his stall.

Dusty was spray painted with an ‘R’ symbol on his side, as was the door of his stall. He also had his mane, forelock and tail roughly hacked off. 

Thankfully he otherwise seems unhamed, if not very shaken up by his ordeal. Lisa suffers from PTSD, and Dusty helped her to overcome her nightmares. 

Has anyone in Wayne County seen this ‘MARK’ ? Anyone that rides horses in Williamson especially. Obviously it could mean many things. We need to know if you have seen this ‘MARK’ and where.

If anybody has any infomation, please contact the New York State Police.

You can also view a news report on the incident here.

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Paraplegic porcupine saved from death by $5 DIY wheelchair made from plumbing pipe 

A paraplegic porcupine is now able to whizz around thanks to a DIY wheelchair crafted out of plastic plumbing pipes.

The disabled rodent was about to be put down, when a worker at the Piracicaba Municipal Zoo in Sao Paulo, Brazil suggested making it a chair similar to the ones she had seen for dogs on YouTube.

It cost less than $5 to make the miniature buggy, which has a sling to take the weight off the animal’s lower body and wheels in place of its hind legs.

Video footage shows the female porcupine strapped into the wheelchair and scurrying around. 

It arrived at the Piracicaba Municipal Zoo on May 12 after being rescued from a nightclub.

Environmental police believed it had sustained spinal injuries after falling from a roof but vets since suspect that it was beaten on the back.

Marianna Cury, director of the zoo, told local press: ‘We suspect that the female has taken a stick in the back, because the species is used to climbing trees or other high places.

'Even if it fell, it would not suffer a serious injury like this.'

 Although the porcupine is healthy, vets contemplated the possibility of euthanasia, since it was unable to walk.

However, Jhesebel Santana, 22, a trainee vet, suggested the construction of ‘wheelchair’ special.

The spiny critter is currently adapting to using the contraption and is being kept in an isolated room.

It is hoped it will join its fellow species when it has mastered the art of getting around.

adoptpets: How in the world could someone abuse this innocent creature? God bless Jhesebel to have the compassion to save this cutie. Amazing how just $5 & a little compassion saved this baby from death. Hopefully, they’ll make a little better wheelchair in the future so the porcupine can get around even better, but for the short term this contraption will work just fine.



dog escapes cage, then releases other dogs at dog kennel [video]

Rise Of The Planet Of The Dogs

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My Ana Struggle

Well I did lose a bit more weight today because I was sick yesterday, but today I’m feeling much better after I had a protein berry smoothie at Jamba Juice. I’ll probably stop losing weight & gain a couple pounds in the next couple of days to get my energy level back up & to try to be more healthy. Mental illness is no fun. 

My post yesterday that explains a bit more about my struggle:

why are bats stigmatized as being creepy?


I mean

look at these things


they’re like tiny






but instead of breathing fire they squeak and cuddle 


in caves


and leaves


and they have funny ears and noses


I mean really


bats are amazing


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the three pools in the middle of the desert, housing 10 dolphins. Notice the severe lack of shade, even though our summers are plagued with triple digits and high uv index days. 

wouldn’t it only cost like 20 dollars (probably an exaggeration but you know, cheap) to put some kind of shade over at least part of these tanks? good lord it’s vegas they’ve got money

They got shade for the guests, of course. 

oh naturally, after all dolphins don’t carry wallets so they don’t need shade

They don’t only have shade for the guests, they get misters! We have filed a complaint and APHIS said the shade was under review. It’s been a month and so far there haven’t been any changes.

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Paperwork is hard!




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